Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th Everyone!

Like most people I know, the 13th is a crazy day.  Today though, for once has gone amazing.  A couple years ago when my fiance's father kicked us off of his property so we were homeless living in a motel room.  After being in the motel fr nine days we FINALLY found an apartment so his father brought out the rest of our things, including the five kittens that seemed to follow me home.  The apartment manager told us at first that there were no animals allowed at the complex we were moving to.  So within literally two hours I had to find a home for these babies.  I was very generous and gave the new owners food, dishes, litter and boxes for them, but was upset none the less.
Today, I went to the tow pharmacy and outside the door were a couple standing there.  I must have "sucker" written across my face because they asked if they could talk to me a minute.  They told me that they were homeless themselves and had a litter of puppies they wanted to find homes for.  They could not feed themselves or the puppies.  After getting my medicine, I walked across the street to a little grocery store and bought the couple quite a bit of food, AND, took one of the pups home.  The couple seemed very grateful for my gesture, and if they couldn'tget rid of the other two pups I hope they shared a little with them.  I am a firm believer in Karma, and hope nothing but the best for this couple.
I was quite anxious on the way home how my other dog and cat would react to Blaire, but they are fine and thankfully welcomed her into our home. 

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