Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well....I'm back!

I must say that this past month has really played havock on me!  From my home being broken into and meds getting stolen, my father having open heart surgery, the man I have been with for the last seven years actually put his hands on me in not a very friendly way.  I have been trying really hard to keep up with my normal activities, being mom to my two girls, being a student...there really is no time for me it seems anymore.  By the end of the day I am just so exhausted that I have nothing left to give.  I don't know.....I guess I needed to blow off steam.  If you are reading this, thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Starting to Wonder if Relationships Really are Worth It?!?

I have had my fair share of BAD relationships for the past 12 years.  I was divorced at 25 after being married at 18.  Right after that relationship, I jumped right into another one, don't ask me why, but I did.  I moved right in with him and the first couple of weeks went great and then the hell started.  I was a human punching bag that not only was constantly being punched, but I was stabbed twice, burned, cut, just about any thing you could imagine, he put me through it.  Getting out of that relationship was one of the hardest because I was like his dog that he watched constantly.  I could not even wake up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night without him there with me.  I literaly had to run out the back door, do the sniper crawl, and go to a neighbors house to call the authorities.  I was never so happy to be able to actually breathe again.  It took me about eight months before I thought about getting in to another relationship.  This guy promised me the world, said he had a home, a job, a car.  When I moved to NY to be with him, he had none of the above, so I lived on the streets for two weeks until I mustered up wnough courage to ask for help from the Welfare office.  I had a home and food in my belly within two days and this guy, who failed to tell me he was married, would leave for days at a time saying he was going off to work and was actually going home to his wife.  The jerk that I am currently living with knew what I had been through because we were friends before anything, and one day he used the famous line, why don't you get with me and I will show you how a real man treats a woman.  Well, were together for five years until a couple things happened.  First off, he had sexual relations with the next door neighbor, and when I told her boyfriend, they of course denied it.  She came in to my house and after being asked to leave, attacked me.  I am not stupid, I let her throw the first punch then of course faught back.  The man I am living with, held me down so that the neighbors could beat on me and I could not fight back.  He took my phone, disabled my car, and because he was afraid that he was going to get his butt kicked, took it out on me and choked me.  I am physically alright, but I have promised myself no more relationships.  I have my two daughters to raise, try and get my degree, (which right now is harder than it should be).  I do not have time to have another man in my life.  My experiences have been nothing but bad, and honestly, I know that I  am a really good person, I do not need anyone in my life telling me different.
Wow, I guess I have said enough...hope i did not bore anyone.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sad ending to the 13th...

If anyone read my introduction, you would know that I keep reptiles, as well as now have two dogs, a siamese cat, gerbil, mice, and fish of course.  Late last night, my baby bearded dragon, Storm because he was a red dragon, had a major seizure and passed away.  We have decided not to replace him, but possibly when we heal and are able to, we will get an iguana.

RIP Storm  4/20/2010-8/13/2010
You will be missed and never forgotten!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th Everyone!

Like most people I know, the 13th is a crazy day.  Today though, for once has gone amazing.  A couple years ago when my fiance's father kicked us off of his property so we were homeless living in a motel room.  After being in the motel fr nine days we FINALLY found an apartment so his father brought out the rest of our things, including the five kittens that seemed to follow me home.  The apartment manager told us at first that there were no animals allowed at the complex we were moving to.  So within literally two hours I had to find a home for these babies.  I was very generous and gave the new owners food, dishes, litter and boxes for them, but was upset none the less.
Today, I went to the tow pharmacy and outside the door were a couple standing there.  I must have "sucker" written across my face because they asked if they could talk to me a minute.  They told me that they were homeless themselves and had a litter of puppies they wanted to find homes for.  They could not feed themselves or the puppies.  After getting my medicine, I walked across the street to a little grocery store and bought the couple quite a bit of food, AND, took one of the pups home.  The couple seemed very grateful for my gesture, and if they couldn'tget rid of the other two pups I hope they shared a little with them.  I am a firm believer in Karma, and hope nothing but the best for this couple.
I was quite anxious on the way home how my other dog and cat would react to Blaire, but they are fine and thankfully welcomed her into our home. 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hello Everyone!

I would like to welcome and thank all of you that are following my blog.  It could get interesting in here.  :)